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27 Jun

Command Prompt(CMD) in Windows 10 as administrator, pin to taskbar, default directory(path)

Since I’m often using Windows Command Prompt(CMD), I also often need to run it as an administrator. This is mostly due to permission issues some applications I run may have. That’s fairly simple thing to do.

  • Type CMD in Windows 10 Cortana(search box in the taskbar)
  • Type cmd
  • Right click on the Command Prompt(in results)
  • Click Run As Adminstrator.

This is fairly easy solution, but since I’m using it often, I needed a way to pin this to the Windows taskbar, and make sure it’s run as Administrator. Also, by default, when running CMD with administrator privileges, default directory path is C:\Windows\System32\, which I also wanted to change to my Projects folder. In order to do this, I needed to hack your way through Windows 10, to make sure I don’t spend much time for such trivial tasks.

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12 Jun

JavaScript image preview snippet

Code for custom JavaScript Image Upload Preview from a file input field.

JavaScript image preview

Time for another coding snippet – this time a JavaScript image preview. Several months ago, I was working on an trivia-like web-app. I needed to allow users to create their own trivia games and share them on social networks, and challenge their friends. Unlike many other trivia website, this one allows for games to actually look like games, meaning have an image representation of the game. This lead to creating an file input field, allowing game creators to actually upload their own image. Now, since the app is actually scaling and cropping the image, I had to come up with a way for game creator to see the image preview before the upload. Obviously, I needed my very own javascript image preview script, and here’s what I came up with.

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30 Aug

Firefox Flicks contest website

Firefox Flicks

In Q4 last year, Mozilla has started working on a Firefox Flicks project. Furthermore, it’s a global video contest to tell the Firefox Story. You can enter at Firefox Flicks is a contest that invites Firefox fans and filmmakers from all over the world to create short videos (or “flicks”). By doing that, you will help tell the Firefox story.

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16 Nov

Firefox 8 release process

Firefox Logo

We’ve been working hard on moving localized Firefox builds out of the beta channel straight into final releases, Finally, that effort started paying off. There are several languages we keep in the focus. A few of them made significant progress in that field. Even though for some of them we have only beta localized builds, we still made it.

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21 Apr

Bugzilla-C3PO – automated Bugzilla PHP filer


A few days ago I needed to file 70+ bugs. All for the same thing for each locale we support on I then decided to make use of BZAPI(Bugzilla Web Service API), and have created a tiny PHP script to do the job for me. That’s how bugzilla-c3po was born. It worked pretty well even the first time I tried it on on, so I could expect only better performance on

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13 Apr

Creating new Theme

Wikimedia logo - theme

An hour ago, got a new default template, or in media-wiki lingo – a new skin. I’ve been working on this skin whenever I had some spare time, and it finally payed off. While creating the skin, my guideline for the design was Also, I did my best to make it as readable as possible, as a lot of us do a lot of wiki reading. This was the birth 0f the current theme.

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