Month: April 2011

21 Apr

Bugzilla C3PO

Bugzilla Logo

A few days ago I needed to file 70+ bugs for the same thing for each locale we support on I then decided to make use of BZAPI(Bugzilla Web Service API), and have created a tiny PHP script to do the job for me. It worked pretty well even the first time I tried it on on, so I could expect only better performance on

I will definitely use it in the future, so I created a web interface for it, so the user could choose component, product, version, bugs to block, whiteboard status and such.

On the road to make this work everything went pretty well. Bugzilla as a more-than-a-ticketing-system™ provides you with a publicly available config file, which is in JavaScript, and that contains all the component>product

If you think my code is bad, or that you can do it better, feel free to fork or send me the patch. Code is at

13 Apr Theme


An hour ago, got a new default template, or in media-wiki lingo – a new skin. I’ve been working on this skin whenever I had some spare time, and it finally payed off. While creating the skin, my guideline for the design was Also, I did my best to make it as readable as possible, as a lot of us do a lot of wiki reading.


After the initial skin submission, I received awesome(marvelous?) feedback fromMozillians, and I tried to make it better in this new retouched skin. My main points of focus were the headers, or how to make them different(at least). I really believe that I managed to do so, and that you’ll use it with ease.

Now, a brief comparison to Cavendish theme, the one we used so far:

  • It looks pretty much the same as our template
  • Main content area takes 77% of the screen, which allows people with wide screens forget about scrolling down a lot to see the whole page.
  • Side menu use really small font size, so it doesn’t take a lot of space
  • Headers have improved a lot: they’re quite different now so it’s a lot easier to distinguish paragraphs
  • Code blocks are much cuter now
  • Broken tab functionality on prefs page is fixed

Last but not the least, I’d like to thank everyone for a great feedback, and for making this possible!