Month: April 2011

21 Apr

Bugzilla-C3PO – automated Bugzilla PHP filer


A few days ago I needed to file 70+ bugs. All for the same thing for each locale we support on I then decided to make use of BZAPI(Bugzilla Web Service API), and have created a tiny PHP script to do the job for me. That’s how bugzilla-c3po was born. It worked pretty well even the first time I tried it on on, so I could expect only better performance on

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13 Apr

Creating new Theme

Wikimedia logo - theme

An hour ago, got a new default template, or in media-wiki lingo – a new skin. I’ve been working on this skin whenever I had some spare time, and it finally payed off. While creating the skin, my guideline for the design was Also, I did my best to make it as readable as possible, as a lot of us do a lot of wiki reading. This was the birth 0f the current theme.

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