13 Apr

Creating new wiki.mozilla.org Theme

Wikimedia logo - wiki.mozilla.org theme

An hour ago, wiki.mozilla.org got a new default template, or in media-wiki lingo – a new skin. I’ve been working on this skin whenever I had some spare time, and it finally payed off. While creating the skin, my guideline for the design was mozilla.org. Also, I did my best to make it as readable as possible, as a lot of us do a lot of wiki reading. This was the birth 0f the current wiki.mozilla.org theme.

After the initial skin submission, I received awesome(marvelous?) feedback fromMozillians, and I tried to make it better in this new retouched skin. My main points of focus were the headers, or how to make them different(at least). I really believe that I managed to do so, and that you’ll use it with ease.

Now, a brief comparison to Cavendish theme, the one we used so far:

  • It looks pretty much the same as our mozilla.org template
  • Main content area takes 77% of the screen, which allows people with wide screens forget about scrolling down a lot to see the whole page.
  • Side menu use really small font size, so it doesn’t take a lot of space
  • Headers have improved a lot: they’re quite different now so it’s a lot easier to distinguish paragraphs
  • Code blocks are much cuter now
  • Broken tab functionality on prefs page is fixed

Last but not the least, I’d like to thank everyone for a great feedback, and for making this possible!

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