16 Nov

Firefox 8 release process

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We’ve been working hard on moving localized Firefox builds out of the beta channel straight into final releases, Finally, that effort started paying off. There are several languages we keep in the focus. A few of them made significant progress in that field. Even though for some of them we have only beta localized builds, we still made it.

Firefox translation involvement

First of all, I’d like to shout “Yay!” to Armen, Jurk and Kerim for working hard on Armenian(hy-AM), Kashubian(csb) and Bosnian(bs) productization bits, respectively. Productization, for those who don’t already know, means adapting some features to a language/region. It includes default search engine set, protocol handlers, feed readers and live-marks(live bookmarks), along with a set of web pages on http://mozilla.org/ so that we are able to promote localized builds.

So, I’m happy to announce that we have made tremendous progress with aforementioned three locales. Consequently, we’ll be probably seeing them soon as final builds. For one, we made Bosnian locale out of beta channel. Also, we have managed to do everything in time for Firefox 8 release. So now, run to http://www.mozilla.org/bs/firefox/ and download!


I’m also happy to say that Armenian is probably going to follow the Bosnian path soon(I really hope that that’ll be for Firefox 9, in December). Also, Kashubian should probably be joining final localized builds in the very beginning of 2012. Looking forward to that!

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