30 Aug

Firefox Flicks contest website

Firefox Flicks

In Q4 last year, Mozilla has started working on a Firefox Flicks project. Furthermore, it’s a global video contest to tell the Firefox Story. You can enter at www.firefoxflicks.org. Firefox Flicks is a contest that invites Firefox fans and filmmakers from all over the world to create short videos (or “flicks”). By doing that, you will help tell the Firefox story.

Firefox flicks plan

Firefox Flicks
Firefox Flicks logo

We want the world to know more about what makes Firefox different. That we’re a non-profit organization aimed at keeping the power of the Web in people’s hands. Finally, our hope is that through high-quality videos made by our committee and Firefox fans from all around the world, we can help mainstream Internet users know more about the issues that affect their online lives. And, more importantly, how Firefox as a product addresses these issues.

In the beginning

Since the very beginning, we’ve been promoting the project via mozilla.org website. After that we started working on the Firefox Flicks content website. As most of the stuff we’re working on, most products and websites, that is, we want to give people opportunity to read this website in their own language, as well, so we once again ask our tremendous localization community to join us on our journey. We’ve create a thread on mailing list, and immediately got opt-ins from several languages. Yes, that’s how awesome we are!

Firefox Flicks Wrap Party
2012 Firefox Flicks winners posing with celebrity judges and Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla – Photo by: http://blog.mozilla.org

Ever since then, a lot of teams within Mozilla were working on this, giving their best and staying up late, which eventually brought us a new website we’re really proud of: Firefox Flicks contest website! We released the contest website yesterday night(PDT), and besides default English(en-US), we can serve it in following languages: German(de), Spanish(es), French(fr), Ligurian(lij), Dutch(nl), Polish(pl), Brazilian Portuguese(pt-BR), Slovenian(sl) and Chinese(zh-CN). I’d like to use this chance and say “Way to go!” and thank you! To all of you that have been involved in translating this project.

Just a note before I end this post: Winning videos will be used in worldwide marketing campaigns and public service announcements. The contest is planned to close on May 1.

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