24 Feb

News: mozilla.org and wiki.mozilla.org

During my internship at Mozilla Europe, I’ve been working on a lot of stuff. I’ve been helping with Marketing and community engagement, localization, WebDev, QA, SUMO… All in all, I had my hands always full with a bunch of adorable tasks. Due to being work-o-holic, I find this extremely thrilling and fun.

After some time, I had a very informative chat with David Boswell, who asked me to help him make mozilla.org website localizable, so we can serve its content in many languages, just as we do with mozilla.com. My internship supervisor Pascal Chevrel and I agreed that I should spend some time working on that, integrating current mozilla.org content into the system Pascal was building for a few years now. We use that framework for mozilla-europe.org website, and it’s much similar to what we have on mozilla.com. After almost 2 months, I can say I’m almost done, and I’d like to present my work in this blog post.

All the development work can be seen on hagege branch on Mozilla’s public svn – http://svn.mozila.org/projects/mozilla.org/branches/hagege. Hagege is the name of the famous French poliglote who spoke 50 different languages fluently, and Pascal Chevrel is the one to blame for this marvelous symbolism.

As of this moment, we have 5 working languages, being English, Greek, French, Croatian(partially) and Hebrew. I won’t talk much, but I’ll post some pictures instead:


All in all, it looks pretty good, and if you want to check it out live and working, please visit http://hagege.stage.mozilla.com

Beside that, I have some more good news: wiki.mozilla.org got a new theme, and you’re all welcome to use it and give us your feedback. Here’s what it looks like:


This skin is currently optional skin, and you can test it by setting it as a default one in your user preferences on wiki.mozilla.org

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