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27 Jun

Command Prompt(CMD) in Windows 10 as administrator, pin to taskbar, default directory(path)

Since I’m often using Windows Command Prompt(CMD), I also often need to run it as an administrator. This is mostly due to permission issues some applications I run may have. That’s fairly simple thing to do.

  • Type CMD in Windows 10 Cortana(search box in the taskbar)
  • Type cmd
  • Right click on the Command Prompt(in results)
  • Click Run As Adminstrator.

This is fairly easy solution, but since I’m using it often, I needed a way to pin this to the Windows taskbar, and make sure it’s run as Administrator. Also, by default, when running CMD with administrator privileges, default directory path is C:\Windows\System32\, which I also wanted to change to my Projects folder. In order to do this, I needed to hack your way through Windows 10, to make sure I don’t spend much time for such trivial tasks.

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